Hi. I'm Aurélien Greffard.

I'm a Software/Multimedia Engineer and UX developer living in Paris, France.

I have a strong experience in front-end development (web, mobile, desktop).

Member of the parisian artist collective Zerozeutre, I enjoy all fields related to image and immersive experiences: digital/film photography, image programming, interactive systems, live performing arts...

We can do a lot together!

Here is a taste of my work.

A few selection of recent professional and student projects.

Witbe Workbench
Software suite, 2016-2019

QoE/video monitoring software.
Node-based visual scripting.
Realtime screen streaming from multiple devices.
Remote control and live recorder on browser, mobile and desktop apps.
Qt/QML, Javascript, C++ - React, Redux

Media delivery
PADdef Software suite, 2015-2016

Software suite developed at Mikros Image for the new Broadcasting Center of France Télévisions.
End-to-end media transcoding and delivery system (ready-to-broadcast long format videos). Java, JavaFX, Play! framework, jQuery, Bash.

Compositing software, 2013-2014

Open-source compositing software.
Intuitive graph editor compatible with any OpenFX based plugin.
Realtime OpenGL video viewer.
Multiple input/output formats supported.
Python, Qt/QML, Pyside, OpenFX.

A selection of more personal projects...

I enjoy all fields related to image: digital/film photography, interactive design, image programming...

The Colors of NYC
Website, 2018

Unconventional view of my
365 Project pictures.
550 stripes for 550 colors for 550 pictures for 550 days in NYC.
AngularJs, JavaScript, Python, OpenCV

Educational background

University of Ljubljana

Master classes in Image Processing and Computer Vision
Ljubljana, Slovenia

IMAC Engineering School

Image/Audiovisual/Multimedia programming
Paris, France

Scientific Baccalauréat

French diploma, with distinction
Speciality mathematics
Fontenay-le-Comte, France

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